Weddings and events

Surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, Hotel Arcea Palacio de las Nieves is a haven of tranquillity and disconnection, ideal to celebrate any occasion.

The hotel is located in a unique setting, where you can celebrate your events with all the comforts of home. In addition, we have all the necessary spaces and facilities, both indoor and outdoor, to host any type of celebration. Inside you will find different rooms for banquets with capacity for dozens of diners, and you will have several rooms in which to stay after the celebrations, both you and the guests who so wish.

It has spacious gardens where you can hold a bucolic outdoor ceremony or an elegant cocktail in front of the imposing façade of the building.

The staff at Hotel Arcea Palacio de las Nieves has extensive experience in the event organisation sector. They will adapt to your needs and will respond to any proposal you may have so that your only concern is to enjoy an unforgettable day.

Hotel Palacio de las Nieves


Our spaces at Hotel Restaurante Palacio de las Nieves are perfect for creating the right atmosphere for your business meetings and corporate gatherings. Our team organises the work spaces according to your needs, to help you increase the productivity of your meetings. The best coffee breaks, different proposals for coffee breaks, simple or more elaborate, will leave you with a good taste in your mouth, if you need it too.

With paneled and column-free spaces, adaptable to meetings or private meals from 5 to 800 people, the Hotel Restaurante Palacio de las Nieves is also ideal for receptions, exhibitions and welcome parties, etc. Ask for information and proposals, and our meeting room plus lunch or working breakfast packages and we will surprise you.

Hotel Palacio de las Nieves


The exclusivity of our rooms and spaces, the personalisation of every detail and the care in the service make Hotel Restaurante Palacio de las Nieves a unique place for the celebration of the most important event, YOUR WEDDING.

For an elegant and above all tailor-made wedding, we personalise every detail from the design of your menu to the event in general, the reception of your guests, the celebration of the ceremony, the floral decorations, the dance, the wedding night, etc. This is your place.

We prepare the most special day for you from the first moment by putting at your disposal, the estate and all the possible celebration spaces, of course our kitchen, the service and the equipment we work with so that everything is perfect. Our fabulous Hotel, as the icing on the cake for your wedding night and the accommodation of family and friends, accompanies the great proposal for that important day.

Hotel Palacio de las Nieves

Family reunions and events

The Hotel Restaurante Palacio de las Nieves is the ideal place to celebrate and enjoy a pleasant and lively lunch or dinner with family and friends. We personalise our services and adapt them to the needs of your event or celebration. Welcome, good food, music and dancing if you wish, and lots of hospitality, everything you need for an exceptional celebration. Let us take care of all the important details to ensure the success of your meeting or event at any time of the year.

Hotel Palacio de las Nieves

Do not hesitate and choose the elegance, comfort and quality of the Hotel Arcea Palacio de las Nieves.

Hotel Palacio de las Nieves